Infrastructural Facilities

SlInfrastructure NameInfrastructure Area
1.Total Land Area of the Institute (in square feet)35,937 sq ft
2.Total land area earmarked for Teacher Education Programme (in square feet)35,937 sq ft
3.Total Built-up area of the Institute (in square feet)17,217 sq ft
4.Total built up area earmarked for Teacher Education Programme (in square feet)17,223 sq ft
5.Land in the name/favour ofBhatjangla  Shipra  D.Ed. College
6.Type of DeedRegistered Deed of Sale
7.Whether the institution has obtained the mutation order or notYes
8.Plot Number in building plan80,81
9.Khata/Khasra Number965
10.Competent Authority which approved the Building planPrdhan Bhatjangla G.P.
11.Competent Authority which approved the building completion certificatePrdhan Bhatjangla G.P.
12.Order Number
13.Date of order15/02/2012
14.Size of the Multipurpose Hall (In square feet)2269 sq ft
15.Student Capacity of the Multipurpose Hall300
16.Whether Multi-purpose playfield available or notYes
17.Area of Library-cum Reading Room (In square feet)844 sq ft
18.Number of Class Room4
20.Number of Lab10
21.PURPOSE OF LABPractical
22. Language Lab
23. Geography Lab
24. Mathematics Lab
25. Psychology Lab
26. Physics Lab
27. Chemistry lab
28 Biology Lab
29. Work Education Lab
30. Health & Physical Lab
31. E.T. Lab