Secretary Desk

At the outset, I express my heartiest gratitude to Mrs. Shipra Biswas, our President who inspired me to accept such challenge to establish a D.El.Ed. College in a convenient location. Actually, without financial support of Mrs. Biswas it was a nightmare to come into existence of this D.El..Ed. College. The institution was completely founded with the full financial support and impetus of the President.   

The need for establishment of a Teachers’ Training Educational Institution was felt at this site for increasing number of H.S. students in the nook and corners of the area concerned. Indeed, it is an urgent need of the present time for imparting quality education in conformity with the Acts and Rules of the Government.

The institution has almost completed all the procedures and paper works in conformity with the NCTE norms and standard. We have overcome all the barriers to establish this institution and started the academic session from 2012–2013 after fulfillment of all the standards and norms of NCTE.

The primary educational institutions play a critical role in bridging the gap by efficient design and delivery of the curricular programmes, creating state-of-the art infrastructure and learning resources and involving qualified and talented faculty providing support-services which facilitate the process of teaching–learning that promote career opportunities of the students.

It is assured that our college imparts best of its teaching-learning process to educate the students enabling them to take up all sorts of challenging job.

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