How to Turn Your Closet Into an Office

Keep important papers organized with a series of shelves and a rolling file cabinet. If you’re a photo junkie, create your own picture library with labeled boxes and rows of photo albums. To store extra volumes while still keeping them on display, place books on the top shelf of the closet. If you’re a real bookworm, add a few more shelves and turn the space into a mini library. Secure a pegboard to the inside of the closet door to organize your tools and materials. For a DIY desk, lay a piece of pre-cut wood (which you can pick up from most hardware stores) across two filing cabinets.

convert closet to office

Her neat bedroom cloffice features two shelves that wrap around the whole alcove, as well as additional lower shelving just inside those side nooks. It’s the perfect spot to arrange books, keeping them accessible yet off of your workspace. With a critical eye, figure out the approximate size of the supplies you absolutely have to have in your new office. For example, if you use a lot of binders or legal-size paper, make sure the closet you’re considering can fit the width and depth of those supplies. If you have more room, consider outfitting the closet with built-in shelving and a custom-sized desk top.

Contemporary Office Ideas: Before and Afters of our DIY Closet Office

In this design by Pacific Coast Custom Design, a closet is transformed into a functional and stylish workspace, with a built-in desk, open shelving, and plenty of storage. Built into a niche, this cabinet makes the most of the space in the room. This design by Klassen Remodeling & Design features a closet-turned-office that incorporates a built-in desk and shelving, as well as a cozy seating area for relaxing. Well-organized desk, once behind closed doors, nobody would know of its existence. As popular as it is purposeful, the built-in closet office could be undertaken in several methods, no matter the closet design’s size. No more shuffling documents in the dining room table or balancing your laptop computer in bed or front of the television.

  • Or you could get seriously fancy and install a full-on desk system.
  • We are thrilled with the way this cloffice turned out.
  • Then you can close it up (or even lock it up), walk away, and never have to worry about it overflowing into your living space.
  • No matter which kind of cloffice most speaks to you and your lifestyle, you can’t go wrong implementing one in your own space.
  • Just add a desk surface, storage area and a chair to a small closet or nook.
  • Height-adjustable desks that go from sitting to standing are also a good option to encourage movement.
  • Regardless of whether you’re working in a walk-in or reach-in closet, chances are high that you’re still facing a wall.

Still wondering how to turn a small closet into an office? You can create a work surface and the appropriate kinds of storage in a space that is perfectly containerized. Then you can close it up (or even lock it up), walk away, and never have to worry about it overflowing into your living space. Depending on what type of work you do in your home office and how you do it, you may not even want or need a chair.

Unexpected Ways To Transform An Unused Closet

However, you can’t bring a sit-stand motorized desk inside the closet. But what you can do instead is bring an ergonomic chair. These chairs are easily movable and support your posture all day long. However, you need exceptionally good lighting to work inside a closet. The mild yellow light normally installed in this area is not enough for effortless reading.

The common thread running through all these variations is, simply put, good design. When you have limited room, making your workspace as user-friendly as it can be is the secret to success. It only took Kaitlin Clark about three hours to transform an extra closet in her home studio into a functional workspace and vanity that’s also 100% reversible. “If you do nonpermanent upgrades, the beauty is that you can switch it around as much as you wish,” the lifestyle content creator explains. However, there are plenty of mounted desks and floating shelf options that are DIY-friendly for anyone looking to do something similar. And if, like Allard, you plan to use the space as your everyday makeup station, make sure you’ve thought of a way to get good lighting into the closet.

Think about organisers for more storage

You simply need to look at the size and layout of the closet and plan accordingly. Contemporary built in desk and office storage space hidden behind light wood pocket doors. All of us deserve space free from noise and bustle from the outside world so that we can focus on our work. Nevertheless, not every house will come equipped with a spacious workplace or a predestined nook. Welcome to the ingenious society of the closet office.

  • Make the importance of a home office, like a closet office, into something breathtaking with the help or a feature wall of shelving or pinned pictures.
  • Unless you really need it for privacy, consider removing the closet door completely.
  • It looks incredibly comfy, and it also provides a fun pop of color against the cloffice’s neutral color palette.
  • While you’re at it, though, consider adding a rail for hooks so you can hang pencil holders, pictures, or other items up and off your desk.
  • Make use of the drawers for files and notepads, then create a feature of stationery storage with several gorgeous pen pots and magazine files.

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